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Jan - Sabah Ul-Hasan

Speaker: Sabah Ul-Hasan

Talk Title: Wikidata as a Modality for Accessible Clinical Research That Benefits Researchers and Public Alike

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Wednesday, Jan 19th, 2022 11:00am ~ 12:00pm (Pacific Time)


Virtually on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 638 5259 9178

Password: 958000

Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps Research


Dr. Sabah Ul-Hasan is a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at Scripps Research under Dr. Andrew Su and Dr. Dawn Eastmond. Dr. Ul-Hasan completed their Bachelor’s in Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the University of Utah, followed by a Master’s in Biochemistry at the University of New Hampshire, and a PhD in Quantitative and Systems Biology at the University of California Merced. When not being a scientist, Dr. Ul-Hasan enjoys long walks on the beach, skateboarding, and figuring out how to be a slightly kinder person than the previous day.


Wikipedia has become a credible internet resource of today, nearly replacing the printed Encyclopedia. Wikidata is an open access knowledgebase, and acts as the data version of what Wikipedia is to free text, curatable by anyone (both humans and algorithms). The Gene Wiki Project focuses on cultivating biomedical subsets of Wikidata, emphasizing the relationships between genes, diseases, drugs, and pathways. My research synchronizes associations between genes and diseases within Wikidata through software bots scheduled through our continuous automation platform server (Jenkins) with the end goal of improving repurposable drug candidate prediction. This talk will overview how the results we gain from bioinformatics tools are tremendously enhanced through accessibility, with Gene Wiki (a subset of Wikidata) as a case example.

Introductory Speaker: Denitsa Vasileva, Daley Lab, UBC

Talk Title: Development of novel epigenetic age predictor using targeted methylation sequencing data