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Oct - William Noble

Speaker: William Noble

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Talk Title: Computational Analyses of Yeast and Human Chromatin

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October 9, 2008, 6:00pm

Affiliation: University of Washington, Department of Genome Sciences

URL: William Noble


In the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell, DNA is wrapped into a complex,

dynamic molecular structure known as chromatin. Over the past

several years, we have collaborated with experimental labs to create

and validate a series of computational models of chromatin in human

and yeast. In this talk, I will describe three models, which (1) predict

local chromatin organization from sequence, (2) delineate larger-scale

chromatin domains from high-throughput cleavage data, and (3)

identify protein-binding footprints on a genomewide scale.

Introductory Speaker: ### James Taylor

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Talk Title: High-Throughput Microfluidic Technologies for Systems Studies of Cellular Signaling

Affiliation: Michael Smith Laboratories

Institute for Systems Biology