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Sep - Francis Ouellette

Speaker: Francis Ouellette

Title of talk: A human-aided automated pipeline to the annotate the human genome: work in progress.

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September 12, 2002

Affiliation: UBC Bioinformatics Centre



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Talk summary:

Francis’s lab is built on the premise that a dynamic

bioinformatics group engages in three interdependent

activities. These include basic research in computational

biology, development of software and databases, and user

training and support. His lab created and maintains, the portal to bioinformatics

activities in Canada and home for the CGDN-sponsored

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops. From his experience

with GenBank he is developing a semi-automated pipeline for

the annotation of the human genome. Francis will describe

how and why this pipeline needs to be built, and present

some of the logistical and computational challenges that

will be met along this path of discovery.

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