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Jan - Evan Eichler

Speaker: Evan Eichler

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Talk Title: Human Genome Structural Variation, Disease and Evolution

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 6:00pm **NOTE DATE CHANGE**

Department of Genome Sciences, HHMI, University of Washington, Seattle

Evan Eichler


Structural variation of the genome is an important aspect in our understanding of

human disease and evolution. Accurately characterizing such variation an unmet

challenge of both bioinformatics and genomics. I will focus on the genome-wide

discovery, analysis and distribution of copy-number variants (CNV) and inversion

polymorphisms within human and great ape species. I will present methods to

accurately resolve the copy, content and structure of these regions based on

traditional and next-generation sequence datasets. I will discuss our efforts to

characterize regions of the genome that are prone to recurrent deletion, duplication

and inversion and provide examples of their importance as recurrent and de novo

sources of neuropsychiatric and neurocognitive disease.

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Introductory Speaker:
Parisa Shooshtari

**Talk Title:**     
Faithful Sampling for Spectral Clustering to Analyse High Throughput Flow Cytometry Data

School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University

Supervisor: Drs. Arvind Gupta and Ryan Brinkman

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### The upcoming 2009-2010 meeting dates

February, 2010 **\*\*NO VANBUG DUE TO OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES\*\***

March 11, 2010 Main Speaker:  [Rich Bonneau]( , New York University; Intro Speaker: TBD

April 8, 2010 Main Speaker:  [Joerg Gsponer]( , Centre for High-Throughput Biology; Intro Speaker: Kieran O’Neill, Brinkman Lab, BCCRC