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Nov - Raymond Ng

Speaker: Raymond Ng

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Talk Title: On the Importance of Data Cleansing and Pre-processing for Genomic Studies

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November 13, 2008, 6:00pm

Affiliation: University of British Columbia, Computer Science

URL: Raymond Ng


With the advancement of biotechnologies, many biomedical research groups are collecting and accumulating genomics data in a phenomenal rate. However, many find out that collecting data is easier than managing and analyzing data. Specifically, they often overlook the importance of data cleansing and pre-processing. Along this front, we give in this talk an overview of several of the techniques we develop. They range from quality control of microarrays, detection of mislabeled data, to segmentation of array CGH data and protein group identification.

Introductory Speaker: ### Noushin Farnoud

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Affiliation: Marra Laboratory, Genome Sciences Centre