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Sep - Paul Pavlidis

Speaker: Paul Pavlidis

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Talk Title Large-scale mining of gene expression patterns

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September 13, 2007, 6:00pm

Affiliation: Psychiatry Department, UBC

URL: Paul Pavlidis

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In my group we focus our efforts at the intersection of bioinformatics and neuroscience. We have a special interest in expression analysis and how it can be used to improve our understanding of gene function in the nervous system. The possibilities presented by using the accumulated data in public archives are a major focus. Despite the availability of thousands of expression data sets, efforts to combine and contrast studies from different laboratories are just beginning. In my talk I will describe ongoing work in my lab to develop tools for expression data meta-analysis; describe some applications; and discuss how we are integrating RNA profiles with resources with a specific neuroscience focus. A beta version of our software system is available at

Introductory Speaker: ### Asim Siddiqui

Talk Title Personalized medicine in the ICU

Affiliation: Sirius Genomics

URL: Asim Siddiqui

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