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May - CIHR/MSFHR Bioinformatics Training Program Students

Speaker: CIHR/MSFHR Bioinformatics Training Program Students

The final VanBUG (Vancouver Bioinformatics User Group) of the year will

feature research presentations by the senior cohort of graduate students

in the CIHR/MSFHR Strategic Training Program in Bioinformatics. This

will take place Thursday, May 13 from 6 to 9pm in the Chan Auditorium at

the BC Research Institute for Children’s and Women’s Health.

The ninety minute presentation session will be followed by a

far-better-than-pizza catered reception, similar to last year’s Fifty

Years of DNA bash.


Perseus Missirlis (supervisor Rob Holt, GSC)

The Neurolog database and the unstable repeat perspective of schizophrenia

Keith Boroevich (supervisor David Baillie, SFU)

Identification of Regulatory Motifs using Homology Biased Gibbs Sampling

Shannan Ho Sui (supervisor Wyeth Wasserman, CMMT)

OPOSSUM: Web-based analysis of over-represented regulatory motifs in

sets of co-expressed genes

Chris Walsh (supervisor Wyeth Wasserman, CMMT)

ConCluster: a program for high-throughput prediction of conserved

regulatory modules

Fred Peng (supervisor Frederic Pio, SFU)

Identification of apoptosis regulatory elements using phylogenetic

footprinting and protein-protein interaction data

Byron Kuo (supervisor Elizabeth Simpson, CMMT)

Combinatorial Approach for the Identification of Novel Splice Junctions

using SAGE Data

Michael Hsing (supervisor Artem Cherkasov, UBC)

Modeling of cell signaling pathways in macrophages by the semantic network