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Feb - Anne Condon

Speaker: Anne Condon

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February 13, 2003

Title of talk: Computational approaches to RNA secondary structure prediction

Affiliation: Computer Science, UBC



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Talk summary:

RNA molecules perform fascinating functions in the cell and hold promise in therapeutics. The functions of RNA molecules are determined in large part by their structure. Computational methods for prediction of RNA secondary structure from the base sequence can help shed light on the three-dimensional structure and functions of these molecules. More fundamentally, experience with such computer algorithms can also help us understand the physical principles that determine how RNA molecules fold.

In this talk, we will describe how current RNA folding algorithms work, the limitations of current algorithms, and ongoing research at the UBC CS BETA (Bioinformatics, and Empirical and Theoretical Algorithmics) Laboratory that addresses these limitations. The talk will be accessible to a biological audience. This work is joint with Holger Hoos, Jihong Ren, Mirela Andronescu and other members of the BETA Lab.

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