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Feb - Raphael Gottardo

Speaker: Raphael Gottardo

Talk Title: Statistical analysis of ChIP-chip experiments: data, questions and partial answers

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February 09, 2006, 3:30pm


Raphael Gottardo


The advent of microarray technology has enabled biomedical researchers to monitor changes in the expression levels of thousands of genes. Until recently, however, the mechanisms driving these changes have been harder to study in a similarly high-throughput level. A recent technological innovation, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) coupled with microarray (chip) analysis, hence the name ChIP-chip, now makes it possible for researchers to identify regions of a given genome that are bound by specific DNA binding proteins (transcription factors). During this talk, I will highlight some of the challenges involved with the analysis of such data, and I will present some of the statistical methods we are currently working on. This talk should be accessible to anybody with a background in bioinformatics.

Affiliation: Assistant Professor,Department of Statistics,University of British Columbia

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Student Speaker: Mirela Andronescu, BETA Lab, UBC Computer Science

Title: Improving RNA Secondary Structure Prediction by Better Energy Models

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