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Sep - Ryan Brinkman

Speaker: Ryan Brinkman

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Talk Title: An Open Source Software Framework for High-Throughput Flow Cytometry Data Analysis and its Application to Discovery and Diagnosis

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September 10, 2009, 6:00pm

Terry Fox Laboratories, BC Cancer Research Centre

Ryan Brinkman


High-throughput FCM (HT-FCM) is poised to reshape dramatically biomedical research by increasing the efficiency of an already widely adopted research and clinical tool. However, accelerating data collection requires a similar increase in the ability to analyze data. Successful management of the information generated by HT-FCM techniques requires highly automated methods to extract the relevant information from the large volume of data generated by the measurement of complex treatment-response patterns. This talk will review the development of an integrated computational infrastructure supporting high throughput data quality analysis, normalization, automated gating and sophisticated visualization. Examples will be shown illustrating how we have applied the various tools to support both the discovery of clinical relevant cell populations and aid in patient diagnosis.

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Introductory Speaker:
Andrew McPherson, Bioinformatics Graduate Program

**Talk Title:**     
Methods for gene fusion discovery using RNA-seq

[Centre for Translational and Applied Genomics (CTAG), BC Cancer Research Centre](

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