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Feb - Rob Holt and Rene Warren

Speaker: Rob Holt and Rene Warren

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Date/Time: **Please note the change!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2007, 6:00pm

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Talk Title Exploring ectopic expression in E.coli hybrid cells

Affiliation: Genome Sciences Centre

URL: Rob Holt


Engineered microbes are of great potential utility in biotechnology and basic research. For whole genome engineering, compatibilities of genetic material between microbes must be explored. We have developed a system for constructing large episomal elements in E.coli and have reassembled portions of the H.influenzae genome in an E.coli host, with the long term aim complete genome exchange. We have explored gene incompatibilities between E.coli, H.flu and other bacteria, and we have gathered extensive data on expression of exogenous DNA in E.coli that suggests cross-talk in gene regulation between E.coli and other organisms is extensive. These results will be discussed.

Introductory Speaker: ### Chi Kin Ho

Talk Title: Computationally identifying novel essential genes, including non-coding RNAs, in intergenic sequences in bacterial genomes

Affiliation: Brinkman Lab, SFU