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Mar - Asim Siddiqui

Speaker: Asim Siddiqui

Title of talk: Of mice and motifs

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March 17, 2005

Affiliation: Genome Sciences Centre

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A deep understanding of mammalian development and the engineering of mouse models for human disease requires detailed knowledge of the molecules involved. The mouse Atlas project is generating a gene expression resource that will define the normal state for many tissues using individual cell types and tissues, whenever possible. Tissues at multiple development stages are taken, from single cell zygote to adult, with the timeframes being chosen to focus on a period in which a relevant morphological or functional change takes place in the tissue. On completion of the project, we will have characterized the gene expression in 200 tissues, with 92 having been completed at this time. A preliminary analysis of the data suggests the presence of large numbers of novel transcripts that do not fall within the bounds of annotated genes.

The cisRed project is defining the regulatory control elements or binding motifs to which transcription factors bind triggering the transcription of genes. Starting with a set of co-expressed and orthologous genes and building on the assumption that these sets of genes are activated by the same set of transcription factor, the cisRed pipeline runs a number of motif detection pipelines in parallel to identify those motifs shared by the upstream regions of these genes.

Combining the data from these two resources may aid us in identifying the regulatory motifs to which transcription factors are bound and help us to begin to decode the cascade of regulatory events that occurs during development and organogenesis.

Student Speaker: Debra Fulton, Bioinformatics Training Program for Health Research

Title of talk: High Throughput Gene Ortholog Prediction

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