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Dec - 3 Minute Lightning Talks

Speaker: 3 Minute Lightning Talks

Event Details

Event date/time:

Thursday, Dec 9th, 2021 6:00pm ~ 7:30pm (Pacific Time)


Virtually on Zoom.

Event details:

Speakers have a maximum of three minutes and a single slide to share their short but sweet/awesome/serious/funny bioinformatics talk to other community members on!


1st – $150 = Ishika Luthra (University of British Columbia)

2nd – $90 = Luke Trinity (University of Victoria)

3rd – $45 = Kristena Daley (Simon Fraser University)

Viewer’s Choice – $45 = Ishika Luthra (University of British Columbia)

Also congratulations to our two audience prize draw winners ($30 each): Abdul Muntakim Rafi & Charlotte Barclay

Participants list:

  1. Armita Safa

  2. Asfar Lathif Salaudeen

  3. David Huebert

  4. Denitsa Vasileva

  5. Derek Tam

  6. Emily Trudeau

  7. Jeremy Fan

  8. Artie Kushner

  9. Hans Ghezzi

  10. Ishika Luthra

  11. Kristena Daley

  12. Luke Trinity

  13. Sarah Dada

  14. Taylor McColl


Dr. William Hsiao & Dr. Wyeth Wasserman

Presentation rules:

  • Presentations were done remotely and 100% live.

  • Presentation content should be targeted towards a lay audience.

  • Speakers were be introduced by VanBUG via a slide that contains the speaker information (name, affiliation, talk title, etc.). This will not count against the speaker’s presentation time; we will read the speaker introductory slide and begin the presentation timer upon transition to the speaker’s content.

  • Speakers were only be able to present ONE slide. The slide must contain static content (e.g. no videos/recordings). Font size minimum 12 pt (this is not a poster).

  • Speakers presented back-to-back.

  • The question and answer period did not occur until after awards have been announced to avoid indirectly giving speakers addition time to clarify their research.

  • Presentations were judged by a VanBUG panel of bioinformatics practitioners on (1) overall quality and (2) whether the speaker was able to convey the aims, importance, and impact of their research.

  • The “Viewer’s Choice” award was determined via an anonymous audience poll.

Speaker qualifications

The Speaker had to be either:

(i) still enrolled in a graduate program in BC, or

(ii) still enrolled in an undergraduate program in BC, or

(iii) has defended their thesis no earlier than September 2021 from a BC college/university.