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Fall 2013

September 12, 2013, Thursday, 6:00pm

Speaker: Christopher Hogue (Senior Director, Joyent Inc., Vancouver; formerly Mechanobiology Lab, National University of Singapore)

October 10, 2013, Thursday, 6:00pm

Speaker: Gary Van Domselaar (Chief, Bioinformatics, National Microbiology Laboratory, Public health Agency of Canada, Winnipeg)
Short Presentation: Melanie Courtot (PhD candidate, Dr. Ryan Brinkman’s Lab, Terry Fox Laboratory)

November 14, 2013, Thursday, 6:00pm

Speaker: Ryan Morin (Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University)
Short Presentation: Artem Babaian (Dr. Dixie Mager’s Lab, Terry Fox Laboratory)

December 13, 2013, Friday

VanBUG 2013 Holiday Party

Spring 2014

February 6, 2014, Thursday, 6:00pm

PIMS Distinguished Speaker

Speaker: Gene Myers (Director, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics)
Short Presentation: Calvin Lefebvre (PhD student, Shah Lab, BC Cancer Research Centre)

March 13, 2014, Thursday, 6:00pm

Speaker: Michel Dumontier (Associate Professor in Biomedical Informatics, Stanford University)
Short Presentation: Fong Chun Chan (PhD student, Shah Lab, BCCRC)

April 10, 2014, Thursday, 6:00pm

PIMS Distinguished Speaker

Speaker: Dana Pe’er (Associate Professor, Columbia University)
Short Presentation: Emilia Lim (PhD student, Dr. Marco Marra Lab, BCCRC)