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 2017 Holiday Party

Hey Bioinformatics enthusiast!! Trying to perfect your elevator pitch for your thesis? Have a wet-lab project you can’t wait to throw some cool bioinformatics analyses at? Or just generally want to polish your public speaking and earn some prize money while doing it? VanBUG invites you to give a 3 minute Lightning Talk – you can talk about your research ideas, an educational/developmental non-commercial project, or your thesis project. The aim is to creatively convey your work to your peers in bioinformatics, so as to foster an active atmosphere of collaboration and exchange of ideas.

There will be prizes for the best talks. This year, we have two award categories: popular vote, and judges favorite ($50 / $30 / $20 for first/second/third place, in each of the two categories). Spaces are limited, so register for the lightning talks here by December 10, 2017:

We request you provide us a title and a 30-50 word abstract about your talk. We will contact you shortly after the registration deadline to sort out the logistics of presentation order etc.

Date: December 14, 2017, Thursday
Location: BCCRC lecture theater and lunch area
Time: 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Deadline for lightning talk registration: December 10, 2017

Schedule for the Night:
  5:00-5:15: Registration and setup for lightning talks
  5:15-6:00: Lightning talks
  6:00-9:00: Reception and announcement of prize winners