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 Cedric Chauve

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Talk Title:
Reconstructing Ancient Genome Architechtures

Thursday, September 8, 2011, 6:00 pm

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

Cedric Chauve

Paleogenomics aims at reconstructing the genomes of extinct species, whose DNA can not be sequenced due to molecular decay. Hence the only possible approach is the study of current genomes (i.e. descendants of these extinct species) to detect conserved features that might indicate ancestral genomic characters and then to assemble these characters into ancestral genomes. In this talk I will describe recent (successfull?) efforts to reconstruct the architecture of ancient vertebrate genomes, from placental mammalians to amniotes.

Please note:
Trainees are invited to meet with the VanBUG speaker for open discussion
of both science and career paths. This takes place 5:00-5:45pm in either
the Boardroom or Lunchroom on the ground floor of the BCCRC

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Introductory Speaker:
Christian Frech, PhD candidate, Chen Lab, Simon Fraser University

Genome comparison of human and non-human malaria parasites reveals species-specific genes potentially linked to human disease