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 Richard Bonneau

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Talk Title:
Using protein design to dissect the form and function of biological networks

Thursday, March 11, 2010, 6:00pm

Department of Biology/Computer Science, New York University

Richard Bonneau


I will discuss recent applications of the Rosetta protein structure prediction and
design platform to understanding genomes. There are two main ways we can use
structural bioinformatics to aid in the building of genome wide models: 1) providing
predictions about the structure, function and interaction of proteins, and 2) designing
new molecules that can be used as tools to specifically perturb individual functions
and interactions. In this talk I will primarily focus on the design of new tools. I will
describe our recent efforts to accurately predict temperature sensitive mutations that
can be used to investigate the effects of essential genes. I will also describe our
efforts to include non-cannonical amino acids and non-canonical backbone structures
(such as N-branched side chains, peptoids) in the design of peptidomimetics that
target specific protein-interactions. All protocols for prediction and design are
seamlessly integrated into the Rosetta package and available at the

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Introductory Speaker:
Anamaria Crisan, MSc Candidate, Aparicio Lab, Bioinformatics Graduate Program, UBC

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The upcoming 2009-2010 meeting dates

April 8, 2010 Main Speaker: Joerg Gsponer , Centre for High-Throughput Biology; Intro Speaker: Kieran O’Neill, Brinkman Lab, BCCRC