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 Irmtraud Meyer

Talk Title:
Novel computational methods for detecting functional structures in RNA molecules

Thursday, January 11 at 6:00 p.m.

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UBC
Associate Member, Department of Medical Genetics, UBC

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Computational methods for predicting functional rather than thermodynamic
RNA structures have recently attracted increased interest. These methods
are not only indispensable for elucidating the regulatory roles of known
RNA transcripts, but also for predicting RNA genes. Devising them has been
notoriously difficult because a number of computational challenges have to
be overcome in order to make the best use of the available data and to
predict high-quality RNA structures that may also contain pseudo-knots.
In this talk, I will introduce a novel theoretical framework that allows
us to detect functional RNA structure including pseudo-knots in a
comparative way and that overcomes the conceptual limitations of the
current RNA structure prediction methods.

Student Speaker:
Warren Cheung

UBiC/CMMT – co-supervised by Francis Ouellette and Wyeth Wasserman

Talk title:
Cis-Regulatory Elements for Purkinje Cell Specific Expression

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