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 Eldon Emberly

Title of talk:
Transcriptioneering: the logic of genes

February 10, 2005

SFU Dept of Physics

The developmental fate of a cell in higher organisms is determined to a large extent by the types of genes that are expressed in it. What determines whether a gene is on in one type of cell and off in another? Part of the answer lies in regulatory elements encoded directly in the genome which integrate inputs and control in part whether genes should be ‘on’ or ‘off’. In this talk I will briefly discuss several bioinformatic approaches directed at predicting these regulatory elements. I will then discuss how the use of these approaches has helped to further our understanding of the gene logic that underlies various aspects of the development of the fruit fly.

Ben Good, Bioinformatics Training Program for Health Research (Wilkinson lab)

Title of talk:
What does the semantic web have to do with organ transplant rejection (or anything else?)