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 Wyeth W. Wasserman

Title of talk:
Detection and analysis of transcriptional control sequences in the human genome.

October 10, 2002

Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics



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Talk Summary:
Wyeth’s lab identifies and analyzes regulatory sequences
in the human genome which control transcription. Using a combination of
statistical modeling and cross-species comparisons (“phylogenetic
footprinting”), significant advances have been made in the last year.
Building upon this foundation, the group is now exploring the structural
properties of regulatory regions with the ultimate goal to achieve a
dynamic model of chromatin and transcriptional regulation. As an initial
structure-influenced project, the group has investigated the constraints
imposed upon regulatory site diversity by the small set of protein
structures suitable for sequence-specific binding. Incorporation of this
information into pattern discovery software has proven valuable. Because
advances now allow meaningful prediction of regulatory regions in the
human genome, the group is starting to investigate the genetic
properties of regulatory sites and their influence upon disease-related


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